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Kempstone Hill turbine objection

Stonehaven and District Community Council have decided to object to an application for three wind turbines at Kempstone Hill.

Discussing the application at their meeting on Tuesday night, Community Councillors voted to object to the Kempstone development citing six reasons.

These were; possible site of future wind farm as there are already other turbines applied for in the area, against planning guidelines as the development is less that 2km from Stonehaven, no assessment has been made into the impact the turbines will have on the views of Stonehaven Bay.

Kempstone Hill is a site of archeological importance and is a possible site of the first recorded battle in Scottish history – Mons Graupius, it is a sensitive site as six people lost their lives there in an air crash in 1941 and the turbines could prove to be a distraction to drivers who are coming round the Muchalls bend.

In their letter outlining their objection, the community Council have also asked that if planning permission is granted, that Kempstone Hill Wind Energy Ltd erect a sign saying that Kempstone Hill is a possible site of Mons Graupis.

They also ask that a memorial be raised to the six people who lost their lives on Kempstone Hill in 1941 when a plane crashed during bad weather while ferrying personnel from Hatston to Donibristle. All six passengers on board were killed.

Community Councillors agreed to submit the letter of objection along with the two recommendations to Aberdeenshire Council as their role as a consultee into the plans. The planning application by Kempstone Hill Wind energy for the Erection of three 800kW (55m to Hub Height and 79m to Blade Tip) Wind Turbines and Erection of Control Building and Associated Infrastructure and Formation of Access Track on Kempstone Hill is open for public comment until today (Thursday September 13).

As well as discussing Kempstone Hill at their meeting, Community Councillors once again voiced their concerns about the single wind turbine applications appearing in the area.

Community Council joint planning secretary Peter Greig said: “If the Council don’t get their act together and start to turn down some of these we will be driving along the A90 and come across them (wind turbines) every 100 metres.

He explained that many farmers are getting approached by companies wanting to build turbines on their land and said that along with Scottish Government incentives it is a very attractive offer. But it is a concern and he explained he was still “perplexed” over the planning guidelines.

He said: “It is all just up in the air and I am totally bemused by it. One turbine here and one turbine there is, in my opinion, not the way to go forward.”