September 12, 2012

The sign is there for all to see

Kirriemuir Herald | 11 September 2012

A Gateside family has hit out at plans to build a six-turbine windfarm at Govals Farm.

The plans have been met with around 100 objections so far from local people.

Taking their objection one step further is the Low family who have erected a sign outside their house in clear view of the slip road from the A90.

Heather Anne Low, who erected the board, said: “Our main reason for the sign is because of the heavy traffic that will come through the village in order to put up the turbines.

“Our property will get damaged, as it has been in the past when they were building the road in the first place with all the heavy machinery going past.”

Many feel that the area around Forfar, and Angus as a whole, could become saturated and Mrs Low is no different. She said: “The amount of wind turbine applications going in just now is unbelievable.

“We moved here 22 years ago for the countryside and it looks like all we will see soon is wind turbines.”

She added: “We’ve had a lot of comments about the sign from people but we just wanted to have our say.

“It is on my property, it is moveable and it is in a good place for everyone to see.”

The planning application is for the erection of six wind turbines no greater than 87 metres in height.

Earlier this summer, a group of residents got together to express their concerns over the possibility of a windfarm at Govals.

Among their concerns was the disruption to the local area while the turbines were put in place and a fear that the area would soon become saturated with windfarms.

At the time, the spokesman for the group said: “Residents hope planners and councillors will take into account the potential cumulative effect of this and other planning applications for windfarms.”

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