September 12, 2012
New York

Morristown approves Wind Energy Law

By SEAN EWART | The Journal | 12 September 2012

MORRISTOWN – The town of Morristown voted, Tuesday, to approve the Wind Energy Law that establishes guidelines for any future wind energy development in the town.

The motion passed unanimously after being brought up by Council Member David VanArnam.

Town Supervisor Frank L. Putman said the law is “to have a policy in place” but does not mean that any development will actually come to fruition.

“As far as I know,” said Council Member Howard Warren, “[the wind energy industry] has not approached anyone in the town.”

The law has been in the works for six years and was designed to regulate any future projects to ensure they have a minimal effect on the town’s environment and residents.

Turbines can only be built in areas 1,200 feet away from residential areas and 1,700 feet away from either the St. Lawrence River or the Black Lake, according to the new law.

Project proposals will also have to be accompanied by environmental impact reviews specifically looking at birds and bats.

Town Clerk David J. Murray said, “Gentlemen, congratulations, it’s been a long six years,” following the law’s passage.

The law will be codified in the next several days after a final legal review.

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