September 12, 2012

Kingdom to consult on wind plans

Fife Today | 11 September 2012

The general public is to be given more of a say on the future direction of Fife’s wind energy policies.

Fife Council’s planning committee recently heard of the steps which are now being taken to review policies and guidance on onshore wind energy creation.

Consultants have been appointed by the authority to carry out an assessment on the cumulative impacts of multiple wind turbine developments by the authority and a report will be produced providing recommendations on how to best address any issues.

The council is separately reviewing other issues associated with existing policies and guidance including undertaking a review on how constraints on wind energy in Fife are presented.

The findings of these reviews will be included in a public consultation.

Councillor Kay Carrington, executive spokesperson for the planning committee, said a public consultation is expected to be held at the end of this year or early in 2013 when Fifers are being encouraged to express their views on development issues in general and, in particular, those relating to onshore wind energy.

An online interactive map designed to help planning officers assess wind energy planning applications is also to be made publicly available by the end of October.

Cllr Carrington said: “The GIS map will be a very useful tool for members of the public and people in the development industry.

“They will be able to view the location of wind turbine developments in Fife and any new wind turbine proposals that need to be taken into account when considering the cumulative impacts.”

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