September 8, 2012

Coalition to Congress: ‘We urge you to let the wasteful wind PTC expire’

by NAW Staff on Friday 07 September 2012 | North American Windpower |

A coalition of 64 groups has written to Congress, expressing strong opposition to the wind energy production tax credit (PTC).

In the letter, the group – led by conservative organization Americans for Prosperity – urged Congress to let the PTC expire at the end of this year.

“The principal federal support for wind energy – the so-called production tax credit – is scheduled to expire at the end of this year,” the organizations wrote. “The undersigned organizations and the millions of Americans we represent stand opposed to extending the wind PTC. This special provision continues the deplorable practice of using the tax code to favor certain groups over others.

“The PTC was created in 1992 to get the wind industry off the ground,” the letter continued. “Yet 20 years later, we have little to show for it. We’re still providing a $5 billion special tax break each year for an industry that supplies just over 2% of our power.

“It is time to end special tax provisions that distort the energy market and increase energy prices,” the letter concluded. “We urge you to let the wasteful wind PTC expire as planned at the end of the year.”

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