September 5, 2012
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Wind exposure

The Australian | 5 September 2012

The article “Hopes of slashing greenhouse emissions just blowing in the wind” (1-2/9) by Graham Lloyd exposes the misinformation promoted by governments over the past decade.

The Victorian government consistently claims that windpower saves a tonne of CO2 per megawatt hour. The expert report Lloyd quotes concludes that “Victoria’s windfarm developments have saved virtually zero carbon dioxide emissions”.

Wind is at least three times the cost of fossil-fuel power. This results in higher power costs that impose a huge burden on households, business and jobs. Why impose this burden on us with zero benefit to CO2 emissions?

The failure of our governments to carry out an independent examination of the benefits of wind power based on empirical evidence is unconscionable. This reveals the arrogance of governments elected to represent the interests of the community.

Reg Brownell, Camberwell, Vic

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