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“The prospect of 359 acres of panels, combined with a rumour that wind turbines could be erected above them, has infuriated those who will live near them”

Two companies, Wiltshire-based “Good Energy” and German solar developer and installer, “Kronos Solar” ,are planning a project under the name “Canworthy Water Solar Farm” which will form a single contiguous block of PV panels covering 360 acres.
The Cornish Guardian reports:

“People living in an area in North Cornwall which could become a solar triangle of panels say they will fight planning applications which they say could ruin their rural area.”

One cottage would, if the plan goes ahead, be wholly surrounded by nothing but acres of photovoltaic panels. Voicing the deep concern of many, a detailed website has been uploaded, explaining the feared impact and showing just how extensive the proposals are. One campaigner is quoted:

“I will never be persuaded that the beauty of the British landscape should be sacrificed for an insignificant reduction in global warming. It will be a sad day when all we will look out to is fields of solar panels.”

As the expert in global finance and energy, Nicole Foss, has explained

“…It would take 50 solid years of supply from …92 million solar PV panels (2.1Kw), to match the energy we consume from the cubic mile of oil we use each year. Scaling up any of these technologies in anything like the time frame needed is inconceivable.”

The head of development at Good Energy told the Cornish Guardian that they were “committed to listening to and working with the communities close to our projects. ..”