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Wind energy a costly alternative

Response to “Wind farm development in Illinois, elsewhere likely to slow in 2013”: Dexter Gauntlett, an analyst, said the wind industry will persist because 31 states have alternative energy requirements for utilities, although it will be expensive without the tax credit.

What that means is that the user will have to pay for the actual cost of wind energy up front instead of having the cost hidden by the tax credit. However, the user would have to pay higher taxes later on to pay for the cost of the tax credit. If the alternative energy requirement is allowed to remain in Illinois, electricity prices will skyrocket.

It will be insulting to the users when assistance is afforded to individuals who cannot purchase expensive electricity, yet our politicians refuse to eliminate the alternative energy requirement.

Kevin Borgia, an advocate, said opposition to the extension of the tax credit arose because the credit expires every three years. When would Mr. Borgia allow it to expire? The tax credit was temporary when it was enacted by Congress 20 years ago.

With wind energy, the United States spends the most money for the least amount of energy. What we have gotten for it is $12 billion of debt a year with 3 percent of electricity generated.

— Aaron Funfsinn, Durand