September 3, 2012
Australia, Letters

Public money thrown away in the wind

The Australian | 3 September 2012

Graham Lloyd’s article (“Hopes of slashing greenhouse emissions just blowing in the wind”, 1-2/9) destroys the myth that wind energy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a predominantly coal-fired electricity grid.

Given the primary reason for adopting and subsidising expensive wind energy is to reduce GGE, this analysis, supported by those who operate coal-fired generators and who are in a position to verify the findings, dictates that government should immediately refuse to issue taxpayer-funded renewable energy certificates to wind farms that are not reducing GGE.

The issue highlights again the use of data to drive environmental policy that is based on models and theory, rather than empirical evidence.

The public have been hoodwinked into supporting a scheme that is nothing more than a means to transfer wealth from electricity consumers to large energy companies for no environmental benefit.

Max Rheese, Australian Environment Foundation, Canberra, ACT

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