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Wheatland County wind project should be cancelled

The citizens of Wheatland County learned Aug. 23 that a 200-tower wind farm is being proposed within two miles of the city of Harlowton. The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation requested comments by Aug. 29. Less than a week is not enough time for people to digest the magnitude of this project and its impact on the area. I request that the period be extended for at least 30 days.

The nation’s energy independence is often cited for the need for more electricity. If we truly want independence, how can the State of Montana be a party to a foreign entity developing/owning our electric power? This is not in the best interest of our county, state or nation. The Chinese already own the project south of Shawmut.

This is a terrible site for a wind farm. The Musselshell River Valley is the home of nearly every mammal found in Wheatland County plus golden eagles, bald eagle, osprey, great horned owls and sand hill cranes. A blue heron rookery is located less than two miles from the project area.

Land values for several miles will be adversely impacted. The Wheatland County Resource Plan recognizes the value of our viewshed which this project will destroy for half of the county’s residents. This plan was apparently developed in secrecy to prevent people from digesting the size and scope of the impact on our county.

This project should be cancelled. If it cannot be cancelled, at the minimum, there should be no development within two miles of the Musselshell River.

Tom Hayden

Two Dot