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Cape Wind will have tiny impact

Doesn’t the Patrick or Obama administration read the science (“With nod from FAA, nothing should stand in Cape Wind’s way,” Letters, Aug. 18)? We have just one generation to reverse our massive carbon footprint, or it is game over. The Cape Wind plan is truly a false solution. We couldn’t build enough windmills to dig our way out of the climate change mess, even if they were efficient and reliable energy producers.

No, Cape Wind is a taxpayer subsidy for the profit interests of the 1 percent who were virtually ceded public land, without any referendum, to convert a valuable public resource into an industrial fantasy.

Governor Patrick, we need bold leadership to move us forward to work on the radical steps it will take to re-engineer manufacturing and distribution, promote building construction and design that genuinely reduces total energy consumption, and lead us all to take an inventory of our home and commercial electricity use with the aim to reduce consumption by up to 50 percent.

No more smoke and mirrors with the windmills, please! We need to get to solutions now that really work, or we will simply perish.

Don Schaefer