August 20, 2012

Save the Bruce from turbines

by John Divinski | 19 August 2012

“It’s the worst crisis for South Bruce Peninsula in modern times.”

So says one of the organizers of the Save the Bruce meeting, John Wright, speaking to about 200 people who showed up at the Hepworth Legion on Saturday night.

Wright says the turbine threat affects all of the Bruce Peninsula – north and south – and with 275 turbines planned for the region, a lot is going to be lost, including tourism dollars that come to the area each year.

Other speakers included Real Estate Broker Mike McMurray of Flesherton who says he’s already seen the effect wind turbines has on real estate sales and property values in his area.

McMurray says they plummet if the homes can be sold in the first place.

He says anytime you have an area that is dependent on out-of-town city buyers or vacationers, they will go elsewhere rather than come to an area that is inundated with wind turbines dotting the landscape and blinking away at night.

He says that’s not what they’re looking for.

South Bruce Peninsula councillor Janice Jackson, tells Bayshore Broadcasting News, the potential for turbines is creeping slowly southward and it’s time to take action.

She says plans are in the works for the 275 turbines from Mar up the coastline to Tobermory.

However she has heard that some property owners in Clavering, just south of Wiarton, have also been approached by developers.

The meeting also heard from speakers who talked about the all-important health issues and what it means to individuals who may live near operating turbines.

It was pointed out that once these same affected people moved away from the turbines, the health issues seemed to disappear.

North Perth councillor Warren Howard, who owns land in the affected area of the Bruce Peninsula, called on all who attended to take action.

Howard suggested starting with local councillors and if some are just seasonal residents, to talk to their representatives when they get back to their home bases.

He also urged everyone to get involved in some shape or form and to educate themselves through research.

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