August 19, 2012

People want wind moratorium

By Daryl Morris | 19 August 2012

According to our online news survey, citizens want wind turbine projects to be put on hold until a Health Canada study is complete.

93 per cent of respondents say we need to know the impact on the health of people living near turbines.

One person says the turbines should be cancelled altogether, and the money spent on more important projects, adding Premier Dalton McGuinty is forcing the developments on communities that don’t want them.

Another says if the companies building the turbines are so sure of their safety, then they should welcome the study.

Seven per cent of respondents say we should let the work continue, even during the health study.

One comment on our website says we need the work, and just like we don’t know the health impacts, we also don’t know the upside to the projects either.

Another says it’s ridiculous to think that wind turbines are any more dangerous than coal or nuclear.

That listener tells us wind is the lesser of all evils, and better planning will minimize the impact on residential and agricultural areas.

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