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P.S.O. isn’t blown away by wind power purchases

Oklahoma now ranks 5-th in the nation when it comes to electricity that’s generated by the wind.

It’s a clean source of home-grown energy, but it hasn’t caught on very well with P.S.O. Customers.

They can purchase power from a wind farm in Minco, with the Wind Choice Program.

But so far, subscriptions have been below expectations.

Dawn Casey, of P.S.O. Consumer Programs, says any customer can sign up, to buy part or all of their power from that wind farm.

It’s costs about an extra 17-cents per 100 kilowatt hours.

That works out to be about $17 a month for their average customer.

Casey says she thinks it’s an idea that will grow in popularity, because it just makes good sense.

Oklahoma has some of the best wind resources in the nation and those resource put money back into our economy.

She says wind power has created at least 3000 jobs in Oklahoma and most of the paychecks go to rural parts of the state.

Plus, wind doesn’t require fossil fuel, there’s no pollution and it cuts our dependency on foreign oil.

Casey says with those advantages, she thinks the P.S.O. Wind Choice Program is certain to grow in the future