August 15, 2012

Football pundit Gary Neville drops wind turbine proposal

This Is Lancashire | 15 August 2012

Former footballer Gary Neville has ditched plans to power his controversial “Teletubby” eco-home using a 100-foot wind turbine.

The Sky Sports pundit has submitted new proposals to Bolton Council after meeting with neighbours – and these are even “greener” than the original design, claim developers.

Neville’s home will still be the first carbon-neutral one in Bolton after he came up with new ways of producing energy to power the house .

It will include a ground source heat pump, sustainable rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic cells, which convert light directly into electricity.

Mike Ralph, the planning director, from RED Property Services, acting for Mr Neville, said: “The delivery of a highly sustainable family home has always been central to this proposal.

“Earlier in the year, we met with local residents and confirmed an alternative method of construction was being explored, which would enable the house to achieve a higher standard of sustainability, whilst also enabling the proposed wind turbine to be removed.”

The amount of land the controversial home will take up has been also been reduced.

Instead of being a single storey home, it will be built over two floors.

And much of the construction will take place off site, reducing the time it will take to build the house and “dramatically reducing the period in which there could be potential noise and disturbance to neighbouring properties”.

The news has been welcomed by Neville’s neighbours, who had objected particularly to the wind turbine.

One neighbour, from Bradshaw Road, who asked not to be named, said: “I was concerned about the height of the wind turbine. I think people living in the area are grateful he has listened to them and gone away and come back with a more thoughtful application.

“Now the turbine has been removed from the application I have no problems with it. I was slightly dubious that the application was testing the water and would come back with more controversial suggestions but I am relieved to see that is not the case.”

A 58-year-old woman, also from Bradshaw Road, added: “I enjoy walking near to the land and I do fear it could be an eyesore but I think very few people will actually notice it now the wind turbine element has disappeared.

“The house will be relatively hidden and if it is going to be even more environmentally friendly then it sounds much more positive. I will, however, be keeping a close eye on it, like I do with all big applications near to my home. I just hope Mr Neville won’t expand it too much and reapply for the elements he has removed at a later date.”

The new plans for the five-bedroom home have now be submitted to Bolton Council .

A report submitted to the council said: “In adopting that approach, weight has also been given to the applicant’s desire to live alongside the site’s neighbours and those within the wider local community without some of the tension which can often surround planning applications and which was certainly generated during the previous application debates.

“The design of the house and its exceptional sustainability ensures it can be considered to have a very limited impact on the green belt.”

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