August 14, 2012

Wind farm developers near Trump’s course offer deal to Ministry of Defence

STV | 14 August 2012

The developers behind a controversial wind farm to be built off the coast of Donald Trump’s £100m golf course have offered a deal to the Ministry of Defence in a bid to get the proposal the go-ahead.

If approved, the £230m European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) proposal would see 11 turbines built one-and-a-half miles off the coast of Aberdeen.

The plans have angered US tycoon Donald Trump as well as the MoD and the National Air Traffic Service who have raised concerns that the turbines will affect aircraft radar systems.

However the developers Vattenfall, Technip and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group have said that they would cover the cost of tackling any interference.

Iain Todd, spokesman for the EOWDC project, said: “There is a new technological solution under development and we are confident that it will satisfy the MoD and Nats.

Mr Trump has said that if the Scottish Government approves the plans he will launch a bid to delay it in the courts, claiming his legal challenge will be “my great gift to Scotland”.

He told the Press and Journal: “We have studied this issue in great detail and the objection from the Ministry of Defence is insurmountable.

“There is nothing that can mitigate the impact these hideous windmills will have.

“The defence of the United Kingdom is far too important to tinker with, just to satisfy Alex Salmond’s ego.”

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