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How does pro-wind prejudice against anti-wind citizens get started?

Many techniques are used by “community organizers” who come into wind targeted towns to assist pro-wind in getting their way over the rest of the community. One of the common techniques is to depict, in a negative way, those locals who might resist the efforts of a developer like British Petroleum. Another way of saying it would be that wind developers like British Petroleum hire other outsiders to go into wind targeted towns and do what many would perceive as their dirty work.

It appears that, in the case of the proposed Cape Vincent-Lyme industrial wind project someone may have been telling the pro-wind folks that there are a bunch of seasonal residents out there who might resist the projects. The “wine and cheese crowd” would have to be dealt with because they might try to take away what industrial wind will give to a small portion of the community who will receive a cash flow from the turbines.

And the seed of prejudice against the “seasonals” seems to have taken a foot hold among the pro-wind. Remember the words of a former pro-wind Cape Vincent Town Supervisor after he had lost his election:

“It sucks, doesn’t it?” These people, they have registered to vote here but they don’t even live here. They obviously took advantage of the gray area of the law.”

He said, “most of the people who changed their registration to vote for Mr. Hirschey were rich seasonal residents who oppose wind farms”.

“All they care about is their cottages on the river,” he said. “They are nothing but selfish people. It’s a sad day for the people of Cape Vincent.”

Then there was the lawyer, Robert Burgdorf, who has worked very hard to bring the Galloo Island Project to Lake Ontario communities. He participated in a seminar offered by the Institute for Professional and Executive Development, Inc. back in July 2007. It was held at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa in Santa Fe, NM. His talk addressed wind project local zoning and how to deal with the locals. One of the powerpoint slides he used depicted the local anti-wind as an angry mob consisting angry little people of “different colors”.

This powerpoint slide was used to depict
citizens who might oppose efforts to site industrial
wind in their communities.

Did the community organizer, working to get British Petroleum’s message out to the Town of Cape Vincent citizens, use similar techniques that may have incited the prejudice against Cape Vincent’s seasonal population?