August 14, 2012
Prince Edward Island

Hermanville wind project moving forward

CBC News | 13 August 2012

The PEI Energy Corporation is moving forward with plans for a 10-turbine wind development in the Hermanville and Clear Springs area, which will produce 30 megawatts of power.

The province said that the $60-million project will help it meet its Energy Accord commitments, a five-year power purchase agreement between Maritime Electric and NB Power made in 2010.

The province has also said that most of the local community supports the project. Community members have publicly demonstrated both support and opposition for the project.

Julie Shore, owner of Prince Edward Distillery, feels the community is against it.

“I had a meeting last night with the community. There is no support with these wind farms here but the government wants to tell the public there is,” she said.

She said that the supporters of the project are not residents.

“There are some people that have woodlots that don’t live in this community that are for it … but the vast majority of this community … are not for these wind turbines.”

But Wes Sheridon, the finance, energy and municipal affairs minister,said the decision to go ahead with the project was made after receiving support from a clear majority of people in the community.

“There were land options put out to all land owners inside the development zone and we have a very large majority … about 78 per cent of those that have signed off on the options,” he said.

“That means their signatures are on the paper option asking if they’d like to participate. We held a public meeting and … there was overwhelming support for the project.”

Sheridan said more than $300,000 will go into the community every year as the result of the project.

The government is in negotiations with suppliers to build and supply the turbines. Sheridan hopes they will be operational in 2013.

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