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Follies of wind power

Concerning the fate of wind turbines (“Tax credit end could be blow to wind power,” Aug. 6 ), I was driving to Hermiston this past weekend and took a detour up Threemile Canyon, which these three-armed giants have claimed as one of their lairs. It doesn’t take any environmental or wildlife studies to establish that these monsters are pure evil. Cresting a hill and coming upon a row of these towering behemoths up close, I half expected to hear horror movie music. The tagline for the movie might read: “We had to destroy the environment in order to save it.”

When it comes to blights on the landscape, these monuments to sustainable ugliness make hydroelectric dams look like natural features and clear-cuts seem downright friendly.

In 20 years, our children will be shaking their heads and wondering what we were thinking. What are we thinking?

Southeast Portland

If wind-powered electric generation is only economically viable with federal tax credits, then it’s not economically viable.

Southwest Portland