August 10, 2012
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Vested interests at play

Southern Farmer |

I wish to comment on the article “Poll shows wind farms accepted” in the Southern Farmer dated July 2012.

The conclusions drawn from the oft quoted opinion poll conducted by QDOS would favour the result wanted by The Clean Energy Council.

The imposition of wind turbines being planned, approved and constructed well within 2 Kms of peoples’ dwellings has caused enormous angst, community division, ill health, property de-valuation, non-compliant noise and destruction of visual amenity.
As a health professional, I have witnessed first hand the distress of many people, some of whom can no longer live in their homes. As we age, we will be unable to sell our farm so are virtually trapped here. The latest research suggests that a buffer zone of 2 Kms is still too close to peoples’ homes as health issues are emerging from all over the world as the turbines are becoming much larger that the older ones in Europe.
As has been proven in the past, most people who are not affected by the above do not really care.

I suggest that your reporter does a lot more in-depth research into what is really happening. The comments by Russell Marsh are biased, completely unfair and show an appalling lack of listening skills; it suggests to me that vested interests are very much at play here.

My husband, Frank and I, who live on our 42 acre property, are facing the prospect of being forced to live just 1000 metres from 150 metre high turbines when West Wind Energy builds the 107 turbine Moorabool Wind Energy Facility which was approved in November 2010, hours before the Brumby Government went into caretaker mode.

We are not anti-wind activists at all and fully support renewable energy in its various forms but not at the expense of the health of the Australian people.

Your article puts quite a bit of emphasis on the fact that the host landowners will be in receipt of vital income. Whilst that is true, that fact does not even enter the equation as far as we are concerned as there are now host landowners who are speaking out regarding adverse health effects from living too close to turbines on their own properties.

It is quite offensive to suggest that people who speak out about wind farms are a vocal minority and oppose wind farms. We have never opposed them per se, just the way in which the whole process of companies riding rough shod over peoples’ genuine concerns, is done. No one wants to stop farmers from working their land but it would be a good idea if we all had consideration for our neighbours, lots of whom have lived side by side for many generations.

For over three years Frank and I, now aged 71 and 72 have been corresponding with numerous people about our concern, all to no avail. As Frank has a heart condition and just owing to the fact that everyone is entitled to a good night’s sleep, we have repeatedly asked West Wind Energy’s Managing Director, Mr Tobias Geiger,if he would delete the four turbines closest to our bedroom; he has refused, even though it is within his power to do so. His reason is that, being a businessman, he needs to get a good return for his investors.

We have attended a sham panel, a Senate Enquiry, numerous Forums, even a VCAT Hearing where the Company took our Council there over a permit matter which is going to cost at least $123000. West Wind wants Council to pay for that little episode, i.e.we ratepayers will foot the bill.

Mr Higgins, there is so much more to all this matter that running a poll, asking questions of people who have no interest, other than having an “airy fairy” altruistic idea that if they say wind turbines are a great idea, they are helping to save the planet.

I could ask, why are we selling coal to China and India or anyone else for that matter? We are quite happy to meet with your reporter as we feel that the general public are not aware of a lot of the facts.

Yours sincerely

Angela and Frank Kearns


6 July 2012

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