August 9, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Time for reporting on the health threats of wind power

North Adams Transcript | 9 August 2012

On Saturday, Aug. 4, I witnessed an act of compassion by a woman who stopped in traffic, on her way to Pittsfield, to get out of her car and aid a disabled person to regain his wheelchair balance on a steep incline.

That woman need not have stopped, blocking mid-day traffic, to aid that crippled person. The woman who was not at risk helped someone who was at risk. This was empathy by compassion removed from any personal gain.

What does it take to motivate public empathy at large to stand against these violations by the wind industry which have happened already? Humane action is motivated by conviction based on credible information. Where do we get credible information? Could that source be responsible journalism coming from the Transcript or The Berkshire Eagle?

Does the Transcript see fit to report accidents to one or more citizens? Does the Transcript report local murders? Does the Transcript, or The Berkshire Eagle, choose to report natural disasters such as the Irene storm? Of course! But, has your paper recorded the people’s health disabilities, displacement from homes, attempted suicides and school children all inflicted by wind turbine syndrome?

Would you not report a series of these violations to the health, safety and well being which are the rights of Massachusetts citizens as provided by our state Constitution, Article 97? This blight will soon be upon the townspeople of our North Berkshire County in the same manner and extent as has taken place in Falmouth. May a call for empathy be within your journalistic mandate?

Preston McClanahan


Aug. 6

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