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Effect of turbines needs looking at

Seeing more and more of these wind generators being built in Wales is tragic enough and the reasons given for this destruction of our uplands and mountains make no sense whatsoever.

What will be the effect of ripping up acres and acres of deep peat and rich soil?

One thousand tonnes of concrete is used for each wind turbine?

Common sense tells us that this will obviously increase already the flash flooding on our highlands and mountains.

With regard to the noise issue associated with these wind turbines, we are told the Government’s guidance on this was passed way back in 1997 when these turbines were a third smaller than the present structures and the blades much shorter.

The ETSU itself recommended it to be reviewed in two years, so why has this not been done ?

We hear of so many applications for wind turbines being passed just by virtue of “regional and national targets for renewable energy outweigh the impact of wind turbines”.

C Rees