August 8, 2012

Donald Trump claims First Minister Alex Salmond has ‘death wish’ over new windfarm plans

Daily Record | 8 August 2012

Tycoon Donald Trump has threatened to pull the plug on his plans to finish his proposed golf resort in Aberdeenshire if First Minister Alex Salomond’s windfarm plans go ahead.

Donald Trump claims Alex Salmond has a “death wish” over new plans to increase the height of a windfarm near the tycoon’s Scottish golf course.

Wind turbines planned within view of Trump’s Menie course, in Aberdeenshire, could increase by 10 feet to more than 650 feet under plans by developers.

Trump has said he’ll pull the plug on his plans to finish his proposed resort if the wind farm goes ahead.

Yesterday, he slammed the planned increase and said: “Alex Salmond must have a death wish. Other countries are abandoning wind turbine projects and not building previously approved structures because the economics don’t work.

“We intend to fight this application.”

Windfarm project spokesman Iain Todd said that after talks with manufacturers, it was decided that the turbines furthest from shore should be taller.

He added: “We are confident that our careful design results in a barely perceptible increase in visual and environmental effects.”

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