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Municipal politicians side with anti turbine group

When it comes to green energy Dalton McGuinty is out of control. Through his Green Energy Program he is permitting hundreds of soaring wind turbines to dot the Lakeshore in Plympton Wyoming.

Does he really believe people who live in million dollar homes near Douglas Line will tolerate such stupidity? Does he believe wind turbines should be permitted within 500 metres of such properties?

Apparently he does but why should he care. He lives in Ottawa away from the blight he is creating.

Some 1500 residents have signed petitions denouncing proposals by Suncor and others planning super – sized wind turbines all the way to Ravenswood. The residents came, they saw and don’t like anything being proposed.

Nancy Venhuizen is a vocal opponent and for justifiable reasons.

Dalton is allowing wind turbines to be her neighbour.

Nancy isn’t exactly passive about her feelings. She is among the protesters and denounces farmers who are allowing the Suncors of the world to erect turbines next door.

“These farmers have 400 and 500 acres and they won’t be living anywhere near them,” she explains. “It’s ridiculous”.

Nancy and her anti – turbine group are pushing Plympton Wyoming Council to fight the province in the courts. The issue centres on the Municipal and Planning Acts that she says should supercede Dalton’s Green Energy Act.

Under current legislation turbines can be located within 550 metres of residential property. And they are to the detriment of homeowners who have to live with them.

The health impact is being studied. The devaluation of property is a known.

Suncor and others will have to use municipal roadways for their transmission lines.

Expect opposition from Plympton Wyoming politicians. At the very least they will try to push the turbines two kilometres away.

But the real focus will be to drive out the promoters and ultimately send Dalton and his merry band packing.