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‘Sleep well!’

I’m happy for Greg Wahl, CEO of Wahl Clipper Corp., that his “threatened species” will be protected. I just wish the zoning panel cared as much for the human beings that they are condemning to a miserable existence on their own land, if indeed, they will be able to continue living there.

Nobody on these panels seems to have a conscience about what they are doing to their neighbors. Mike Crowley surely doesn’t have one – $12,000 has bought and paid for his “opinion” that property values won’t be affected when the wind turbines come in. I bet he sleeps just fine.

It’s sad we “little people” don’t have taxpayer subsidies to buy someone to tell the truth of the matter – not that the panels would listen or care anyway.

Appraisal consultant Mike McCann of Chicago, whose resume includes zoning evaluations, value impact studies, analysis of wind turbine generating facilities and evaluation of eminent domain real estate acquisitions, advises residents bluntly, that no permits should be issued on any wind generation project without a property value guarantee for homeowners in the turbine area of influence.

He said the impact zone of a wind farm is two-to-five miles with value loss up to 40 percent depending on distance away from turbines. Not to mention the losses of those forced to walk away from their homes. McCann also said the mass erection of wind turbines near people’s homes is a form of taking from the property owner and giving to the wind developers.

Why isn’t wind-turbine noise getting more attention from the EPA? They have plenty of resources to plague the natural gas and oil sectors. Meanwhile, the wind industry is getting a free pass.

Sleep well, those of you we have voted for and trusted to protect our way of life.

Sue McGinn