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Citizens won’t take wind case to Supreme Court

A case that was initially brought to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, was later reconsidered by the PUC and was eventually heard by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, has reached the end of its road.

All the way along, the case of an industrial wind farm proposed in Goodhue County by AWA Goodhue Wind featured several different groups fighting against the wind company. By the time the matter reached the Court of Appeals, however, the Coalition for Sensible Siting was the only challenger left.

Now it too has decided not to fight for any more appeals. CSS attorney Dan Schleck released a statement on behalf of the group Thursday night, saying, “The Coalition for Sensible Siting will not pursue an appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.”

Back in June when the appellate court decided to uphold the PUC’s decision to issue a site permit to AWA Goodhue Wind, members of CSS were unsatisfied with the ruling and began considering their options. They stated shortly after the hearing that they would discuss appealing the appellate court’s decision and potentially ask the Minnesota Supreme Court to hear the case.

Even then, however, roadblocks stood in their way.

“We’ve already spent six figures fighting this and of course (AWA Goodhue Wind seems) to have an unending supply of money,” Ann Buck told the R-E in June.

One month and a few days later, the group announced it wouldn’t attempt to move past the Court of Appeals.

“CSS does not believe that continuing the legal battle in the Minnesota Supreme Court would have a noticeable impact on this already floundering project,” their statement said.

Although its case won’t move forward in court, CSS said the organization will remain “a voice for citizens in the industrial wind arena.”

“By using its financial resources carefully and in a focused manner, CSS believes we have the best ability to impact harmful and objectionable wind projects,” the statement said.