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Wind farm health impacts exist

My attention was called to a recent letter written by Jay Mundinger in your New Richmond News newspaper.

Mr. Mundinger, as you know, works as a spokesperson for Emerging Energies. We here in southern Brown County on the eastern side of the state are familiar with that company and what they build.

About ten miles from our small farmette is the Shirley Wind project in the Glenmore Township. We have met and visited a couple of the homes of the three families who have had to walk away from those homes due to the onset of adverse health effects.

Some of the symptoms are headaches, ear pain, tinnitus, dizziness, sleep deprivation from low frequency noise to name a few. These three families had to make a difficult choice between their health or the home that once provided them with a sense of security.

This letter is to share that not only did Mr. Mundinger lie when he said that no problems ever arose in the Kewaunee wind project, but he had the gall to say that in a printed format.

One of the first documents that was shared with me and other concerned citizens was a survey conducted by an Illinois journalist who interviewed Lincoln Township people to see what, if any, problems might have been experienced by rural families there. Please use this contact to see the article: http://www.aweo.org/windlincoln.html

Please note that one electrical worker in that wind project refused to return to continue his work due to nosebleeds. Farmers had made mention of also problems with stray voltage in their barns and several were losing livestock that forced them to invest thousands to drop a neutral line around it, etc. to stop their animals from dying. To date, three families have been bought out and their homes were bulldozed – in essence an admission of serious problems.

So please dig a little deeper on this Emerging Energies crew. They are not environmentalists. They are not the “down home folk” they pretend to be. As one of the women interviewed in the recent documentary “Windfall,” by Laura Israel said, “… They are very good at what they do … They are carpetbaggers.. .”

Thank you for your time and your willingness to listen to the concerned citizens of the Forest Township. This is happening all around our state and the country. Be sure to check out wind-watch.org to learn more.

Sandra Johnson