August 3, 2012

New wind turbine planned

Express & Star | 2 August 2012

New plans for a wind turbine have been submitted, taking the number proposed for the Staffordshire countryside to 16.

The latest proposals would see a towering 334ft turbine built in Shenstone, near Lichfield, just two miles away from another two which are planned in Wall.

Plans for two turbines in Tixall, near Stafford, were rejected at a meeting last night but could be resurrected by developers, and a further 11 towers are on the table.

Councillors and MPs today told of their concerns about the influx of applications to put up turbines, many of which soar to heights in excess of 160ft electricity pylons.

Members of Stafford Borough Council’s planning committee last night threw out proposals for two turbines at Lower Hanyards Farm in Tixall.

They would have reached heights of 233ft.

Councillors said that the “green” case for turbines remained unconvincing, while also claiming they were a noisy eyesore.

“Turbines are a blot on the horizon,” Councillor Alan Perkins said.

“The visual impact of these will be devastating on the surrounding area – they would be a tremendous blot on the countryside.”

Councillor Robert Stephens said: “These turbines are unsightly in the countryside.

“An electricity pylon is 50 metres high and the tower alone is five metres higher than that.”

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant agreed, saying: “I am quite sceptical about the effect of land wind turbines and their ability to provide green energy, especially when you take into account they often have to be replaced regularly and are dependent on constant wind, which we don’t have.

“But my biggest objection is that land turbines can be an eyesore and produce noise pollution too.”

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