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Wind turbine? Why not a Burger King too

Once again I take pen in hand to write about another waste of time, taxpayer money, and other assorted expenses associated with this pipe dream of a wind turbine on the land near Potter’s Cove. We already have a large repair garage area plus an unsightly sewage plant. Why cut down more of the natural tree and bush cover that still keeps some of the original beauty of the area?

This particular area is one of the increasingly fewer beach and recreational areas still available to the general public. How many free public beaches are available to the general public free of fees and other encumbrances on the entire island? Over nearly the last 50 years, this number has been decreased steadily by private seaside areas.

If the powers that be insist on having a wind turbine like the town of Portsmouth, then we are buying an expensive pig in a poke. Portsmouth, I understand, will have to pay at least $630,000 to repair the turbine after earning $600,000 in energy profits to date.

Why not – if we are going to definitely have the wind turbine – complete the “green change” of the area by adding a Wendy’s, Mc- Donald’s and Burger King for the ever-hungry public.

Evidently, the town’s Tree Committee and the Conanicut Island Land Trust are too busy with other landscaping projects like the dangerous (to car drivers) African grass growths on the corner of High Street and Walcott Avenue.

W. Geo. Boll Clinton Avenue Jamestown