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Wind turbine issues

I recently attended a public meeting concerning drafting an ordinance for future wind turbines. I must say that I was very surprised by the negative feelings of those living downwind of the wind turbines. It is hard for me to imagine big industry misleading the public (Insert sarcastic rolling eyes smiley face here). Where I am building my new home on Cushman Road in Woodstock, the wind is often blowing from me to the turbines, so I am not on the receiving end of the noise. I can see one from my property, two from atop my roof. I never imagined it was like this for those on the other side. I am well aware that people will complain, so at first, I thought little of the situation, but as more and more stories were shared, I genuinely started to feel bad for these folks. I have resolved to go to Shagg and Concord ponds and see for myself, with an afternoon of kayaking, just to see what it is really like. Of course, we all know how sound carries across the water, which likely exasperates the situation.

I am still a big fan, pardon the pun, of wind power, but I am not a big fan of big business running all over the people. I always seem to smile when I see the turbines turning. In any case, when I can break away from my home building project long enough, I’ll drop a kayak in the ponds and see just how bad this ruckus is for myself.

My recommendation, given the apparent negative consequences of the wind turbines, is to initially make things as restrictive as possible, until full disclosure and monitoring is achieved, and more knowledge of negative aspects of wind power. Much as I love the whole idea of wind power, I have to ask: Is it being used in a safe manner for all involved?

Lovin life,

Robert McQueeney (Bob, Jr.)