August 2, 2012

Wind farm debate an ongoing issue

Boorowa News | 2 August 2012

The debate over wind farms continued in Boorowa on Monday morning. David Mortimer, a South Australian farmer who hosts a number of wind turbines on his property, held a meeting with potential wind farm hosts along with his wife Alita.

The Mortimer’s were initially supportive of wind farms when they agreed to host four turbines on their property but now they have changed their tune.

At the top of their concerns are health problems including sleep deprivation and property devaluation. Their concerns were hightened when they were informed wind turbines would be placed on an adjoining property, directly in front of their house.

They believe it is time governments took more notice and look into effects of wind turbines. But, as it wasn’t until a meeting eight years after wind turbines were built on their property that they came to the realisation their health problems could be a result of the turbines, it was asked: “Wouldn’t you have known for eight years if you were sick from turbines”.

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