August 2, 2012

Fire crews responded to fire at First Wind Farm in Kahuku 1 August 2012

A building fire at the Kahuku Wind facility is still smoldering almost 17 hours after it began.

Around 4:45 Wednesday morning an alarm system activated in the battery storage facility at the wind farm.

Fire crews could not douse the flames with water so they tried several attempts to get at the fire from the inside using a chemical powder but decided to let the fire burn out on its own.

“We had to pull back out of the building,” said Captain Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department. “The fire spread throughout the building so it caused the building to sag and collapse in sections.”

Fire crews have left for the night and First Wind is monitoring the situation.

All 12 of its turbines remain offline until further notice.

A fire investigator will be on scene tomorrow to determine how the blaze started.

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