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Asking your support

Dear Woodstock Residents,

I am writing to ask your support for a Wind Turbine Ordinance to establish strict regulations on noise levels and setbacks for any future Wind Turbines in our town. I also feel Wind energy companies and town governments must improve their communication with property owners, and compensate owners most negatively impacted.

Impact: I am a long-time summer resident. My family bought the cottage on Spruce Point on the East Shore of Shagg Pond 40-plus years ago. Four generations of Morans have come to enjoy the quiet, peaceful landscape, listen to the loons and swim in the refreshing waters of Shagg Pond. Each family member has been shocked upon arriving this summer to find three huge wind turbines looming above and directly in front of our cottage. We can see and hear nine turbines but three are so directly in our line of sight, and at times so loud, that our cottage environment is no longer peaceful.

Poor Communication: The town never sent any official information to taxpayers so the only source of information was Patriot Energy. Public Meetings were advertised only in newspapers that summer residents don’t typically subscribe to especially not in the winter when the towers went up. As summer residents we were left out of the loop and the wind turbines are a done deal without us having any input.

Misleading Information: When I heard about the wind turbines from a year-round resident I called Patriot Energy. The information I was given was misleading and the only information they offered was via their website and infrequent newsletter. I was told that they would not be visible from Shagg Pond and I would only be able to see the turbines if I could see the test tower. From my view, the test tower was off to the side and partially hidden. Turns out, they are VERY visible from my east shore. I directly face them and they are 400 feet high. Nothing to block the sound or sight. When it is windy the noise is terrible. WUMP, WUMP, WUMP ‒ like a jet plane going overhead but it never passes.

Loss without compensation: I assumed that I would be receiving a tax abatement since my property has obviously lost value. The town does not plan to do re-assessments. I was told they rely only on sales data, so until someone sells their property, there will be no abatements. All the cottages on the east shore have been passed down through generations, so the families who have lost property value and quality of life will not be compensated in any way ‒ No reduction in energy costs and no tax abatement. This is very unfair. I feel like I have been robbed!

Mary Ellen Moran Siudut

Woodstock, Maine and Pittsfield, N.H.