August 1, 2012

Bute objectors speak out against Toward turbine plans

The Buteman | 31 July 2012

A planning application for a single wind turbine at Toward Farm, opposite Rothesay Bay, has attracted a dozen objections so far – all of them from people living on Bute.

The application, which was received on June 25, is for a 225kW wind turbine, measuring 47.02 metres to blade tip, along with associated meter house and formation of access track and hard-standing areas.

At the time of writing, 12 responses had been received from members of the public – 11 of them from householders in Ascog or nearby and one from Kingarth – and all objecting to the application on the grounds of visual intrusion.

One of the Ascog objectors, John Thomas of Balmory Hall, said in his submission to Argyll and Bute Council planners: “We are all mindful of the need for ‘green’ energy but in this instance we are concerned that it will come at the cost of our environmental heritage.

“If granted, this potentially damaging planning proposal would have a detrimental effect upon the beauty of this part of Scotland and impact upon tourism with regard to the Isle of Bute.

“The height of the proposed turbine means that it would be visible from most of Rothesay as well as many other areas of Bute.

“Hundreds of families and businesses would have a very clear view of this industrial, kinetic structure, as well as every potential visitor.”

Another Ascog resident, Dr David Reid of Millburn Cottage, said of the turbine: “It would act as a considerable deterrent to both visitors taking a short spell ‘doon the watter’, as well as to those thinking of tackling the local property market.”

All documentation relating to the Toward application can be read by clicking on the right of this article; the closing date for representations is Friday, August 10.

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