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Fears wind turbines will blow way of the Wolds

A leading campaigner against wind turbines fears there could be a fresh wave of applications in the Horncastle and Wolds area and warned developers: “We don’t want you here.”

Melvin Grosvenor led a successful campaign against a proposed turbine development in Baumber two years ago.

Mr Grosvenor is now helping other groups fight turbine applications in various parts of Lincolnshire including Hemswell Cliff, Gayton Le Marsh and Orby.

He says he is ready to campaign against any new developments and believes it is only a matter of time before applications are submitted.

Mr Grosvenor has received powerful support from MP Sir Peter Tapsell who stressed he is totally opposed to any inland wind farm developments after describing turbines as “monsters.” He said the entire economics of wind turbine energy was “bogus.”

Mr Grosvenor said: “The victory at Baumber was very important because it has been shown in other areas of the country that if one application gets through then so does the second, the third and so on.

“At the moment, Horncastle and the Wolds seems to be encircled by applications. There are more and more (turbines) coming down the coastal strip.

“The Wolds are vulnerable to intrusion. Different developers keep having a little nibble and there is a genuine fear that other applications will be made very soon.

“The developers know there is strong opposition but that won’t stop them submitting applications.

“The Wolds are very special and people want to keep them that way. The last thing anyone wants is huge turbines spoiling the landscape. It has happened in other areas but we won’t let it happen here.”

In an exclusive interview with the News, Sir Peter reaffirmed his opposition to turbines but stressed he would not interfere in the planning process which is the responsibility of East Lindsey District Council.

Sir Peter said: “I am totally opposed to the erection of any inland wind turbines in my constituency.

“I think the whole economics of wind turbines is bogus and their contribution to our undoubted energy problems is minimal.

“They don’t work when there is no wind and when there is a high wind, they have to be switched off. At best, they would contribute five per cent of the electricity the country needs.

“I think everyone is coming round to that point of view. Everyone from the Duke of Edinburgh downwards is against them. The Government is getting the message and is reducing subsidies.”

Sir Peter stressed he favoured nuclear power and added: “We should press ahead – despite the risks – with nuclear power. The idea that these wind turbines can be a substitute for nuclear power is not true.

“The county council has announced that they are opposed to turbines but it has no standing in planning matters.

“The problem for ELDC is that when it refuses permission for these monsters, the firm always appeals. These firms are immensely rich. They can afford to employ top barristers on about £1,000-a-day – and more – and run up tremendous costs.

“ELDC, with your money and my money, have to finance lawyers too. That is the snag.

“If it was left to local 
decisions, no turbines would be put up anywhere because they are widely unpopular. But usually, inspectors reject the view of the district councils and grant these companies permission to build.”