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Destroying the environment to save the environment?

Vermont has been invaded by industrial wind developers! Reporting your concerns to our elected federal officials will result in your being referred to our elected state and local officials, who will refer you to the Agency of Natural Resources, who will refer you to the Public Service Board, who will inform you that your testimony will not be considered valid unless you are a lawyer, or have a college degree in environmental science. Section 246 and 248 were obviously created to permit the developers to circumvent Act 250.

The strategy of the developers is to identify and infiltrate towns that they determine to be vulnerable to attack, because they don’t have zoning restrictions. Once they encroach on the territory, they proceed to deceive folks by convincing them that scientifically proven and documented facts regarding the negative impacts of industrial wind energy are merely misinformation, or propaganda. They dangle the carrot in front of folks who are economically desperate, with empty promises of giving them back their own money, in the form of revenue acquired from government tax credits, subsidized by taxpayers.

Their most catastrophic tactical maneuver is the execution of irreparable destruction to our irreplaceable environment, and exposing our citizens to the detrimental health effects of Wind Turbine Syndrome.

We the people of Vermont, as well as our treasured mountains, have become victims of collateral damage caused by the deceptive manipulation of corporate greed. The only thing green about industrial wind energy is what’s in the industrialist’s and developer’s bank accounts!

Recently our Governor stated that he was a big believer in local control. Local control doesn’t exist under Dillon’s Rule and Vermont operates under Dillon’s Rule, not Home Rule, which is why the PSB operates as if it’s a sovereign entity regarding decisions involving industrial wind development in our state; with no accountability to the people it’s supposed to serve.

Our governor also made a comment that: “If Vermonters feel that I made the wrong decisions, the beauty of Vermont is that every two years we get to throw the rascal out if we think they really messed this one up.” With all due respect governor, Vermonters have clearly, persistently and unanimously, expressed our opposition to your decisions regarding the destruction of our ridgelines; therefore we will convey our disapproval this election year, by “throwing the rascal out.”