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EDF’s claims are puzzling

Regarding EDF Energy Renewables’ claim that the proposed Hollow Panson wind farm will produce enough energy to supply about 6,200 homes (‘Emotions are highly charged at wind farm consultation’, Journal, July 12).

I am puzzled. Why won’t they be supplying businesses like farmers?

The small amount of power the turbines would produce goes into the national grid where it is diluted and shared out to homes and businesses throughout the country.

All households differ in the amount of energy they consume and when they consume it, so it is impossible to calculate at all accurately how much households consume and when they need it.

Averaging out consumption cannot satisfy individual household consumption.

Wind power is intermittent, it fluctuates and is difficult to predict, which is why conventional power stations have to be on standby 24/7 as back-up.

On still, cold days and nights turbines not only cannot operate but actually require power to keep them in working order. In strong winds turbines produce no power as they have to be tethered or they will tear themselves to pieces.

It therefore appears that EDF’s claims cannot be correct. At crucial periods consumers would be without power – no heating, hot water, cooking, washing, TV etc.

It seems EDF’s claims are intentionally misleading, and unless they are being publicly substantiated the firm must be prosecuted by Torridge’s Trading Standards department.

Jeremy Jessel,

East Putford,