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Randy Brock Meets with the Lowell Mountain Group

A report from LMG president Delvin Warner, as printed in the Times Argus:

Brock has it right.

Randy Brock, candidate for governor, recently met with the Lowell Mountains Group Inc., to discuss his position on several issues. He noted that, “People are a natural resource and that Vermont’s environment is well protected that’s as it should be.” He noted that “our bewildering array of environmental rules and laws has created widespread perception that government bureaucrats consider Vermont’s people to be the least important part of those environments.” Brock stated, “As your governor, I will ensure that we maintain America’s cleanest and most pristine environment, but I’ll also insist that permitting is made clear, transparent, timely and certain.”

Many of the several participants had questions about Brock’s energy policy and his plans in the event he is elected regarding same. Brock made the following statement: “Governor Shumlin has gambled Vermont’s entire energy futures on a pie-in-the-sky fantasy that wind and sunlight can power a modern economy. His massive, taxpayer-funded subsidies to a small number of politically connect solar/wind companies will force all Vermonters to pay up to 800 percent more for that portion of their electricity for years to come.”

He also noted that Shumlin’s 2012 expansion of these schemes will cost ratepayers more than $95 million over the next 20 years. He concluded by noting that he will support a mixture of hydro, nuclear, natural gas, biomass, and a small amount of wind and solar.

“Meanwhile, until we thoroughly study the potential environmental damage caused by large scale industrial wind development, my administration will demand a moratorium on it. I call this overall policy realistic,” Brock said.

Participants enthusiastically embraced his position on energy. Further disscusion with Mr. Brock focused on the health care plans for Vermonters and a variety of other topics.

Lowell Mountains Group

President Delvin Warner