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Celebrate, Fairhaven, but don’t forget your neighbors

I have had it with the Fairhaven Wind, Steve Urbon and all the people in this town who feel that people becoming ill or having sleep disturbances are a joke. Of course many complaints are from people suing the town. They are the ones in direct fire of these monsters!

I have heard complaints from others not suing. Some are afraid to complain because people in this small town seem to have no sympathy for others. If it doesn’t affect them, who cares, and then there is the ridicule and name calling.

I moved here 25 years ago to raise my family. I have met some great people, but have been truly disappointed many times at how uncaring others can be. For the most part, it has been a great place for my girls to grow up. But at other times, well take a look back at all of the scandals.

Yes let’s all celebrate the bicentennial of this “great” town. Let’s sweep everything under the rug, as always. Let’s have our parades and blade signing, and tout how great Fairhaven is. I will not be here for the festivities. The only thing I regret missing is the Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall, a tribute to real heroes.

Personally, I have never cared what others think of me as long as I know in my heart I am doing what I feel is for the good of others. I would complain if I was ill from these turbines and I would encourage all to do so. There are people who will stand by you.

I am not affected; don’t live near the turbines; however I will fight with my neighbors for justice. I am so sorry for all of your suffering.

Dawn Devlin