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Bravo, Kings councillors

read with interest Peter Gales’ July 8 letter, “A question of scale.” I applaud Kings County councillors for having the sense to take a “time out” to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. I wish our Cumberland County councillors were that perceptive.

Pugwash is borderline as to whether we will survive, because a few residents think wind turbines would be good for the area. Nobody here is against wind power, in the proper areas. But when you are trying to encourage people to move to your area, possible windmills coming is not a big pro.

In 2006, Cumberland Regional Economic Development Association discussed the outmigration of people from the Pugwash area and what they could do to encourage people to move into the area. Huge wind turbines on the border of the village are not the way to go; these turbines are taller than Halifax’s Fenwick Tower, which is the highest building in the Maritimes.

Pugwash has a formula for success and we need to maintain the status quo. Is Pugwash to be another story of provincial government failure? They can allocate the windmills to a more appropriate area, not one that needs an influx of people to keep it sustainable. This proposed wind turbine project is not supported by the majority of citizens, but our councillors do not support this majority. Bravo, Kings County councillors.

David McGrath, Pugwash