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Bad PR move

Re: “Which way does the wind blow?” (July 7). I am disappointed in Dan Roscoe, COO of Scotian WindFields. I fully support the using of wind energy to supplement our power systems. But for Mr. Roscoe to state, “These people (councillors) do not have a technical background, nor do their constituents,” is inappropriate for someone who wants the support of the “constituents.” One of the first rules of public relations is don’t insult your audience. While I can share his frustrations over Nova Scotia politics, I think he would be better off apologizing for his remarks.

Of course, Kings County councillors were wrong to rescind their bylaw on large-scale wind farms. It seems they had their minds made up before they hired someone to prepare a study. And they reacted as do so many local politicians. If a study reaches a different conclusion than you want, ignore it and put it on the shelf.

Dan Wurster, Bedford