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The Big Wind game plan

We’ve written a few articles on the effects that the nearly 500 foot Industrial Wind Turbines (IWT’s) have on people that have them built too close to their homes and the outrageous costs to taxpayers and electric users (wind costs a lot more than other electric generation sources), this is a little different.

As you know, our office has been working with people who live in areas affected by Industrial Wind Turbines because of the negative health effects caused by IWT’s. I represent at least three families that have abandoned their homes because they get sick.

During the session my office introduced bills to protect people from the negative health effects of IWT’s by making sure that there was enough distance between these electric generators and people’s homes. These safety measures were resisted by lefties who worship “green” energy regardless of who it hurts and those that make money off the taxpayer and electric users subsidies.

Earlier this year, all the Senate Democrats and Republican Dale Schultz voted to keep Public Service Commission Rule 128, the very rule that allows innocent people to be harmed by wind towers built too close to their homes. Rather than do the right thing and protect our citizens, they chose to protect wind developers and greenies, not homeowners.

We are requesting that the PSC, suspend the rules and reconvene a wind siting council that is not stacked with wind interests. A fair and unbiased commission, a commission that will follow State Statutes. PSC 128 was supposed to take the harmful effects of IWT’s into account when they made their setback rules. A commission with a qualified medical expert, a commission that will actually look at the medical evidence rather than completely ignore studies that spelled out the harmful effects of wind towers that are too close to people’s homes. In short a fair commission.

Next week we will present these studies to the PSC commissioners and ask them to take action to protect our citizens.

If it was you, wouldn’t you and your family want to be protected?

Our office has an eight inch thick stack of these wind turbine health studies.
Here is my Chief of Staff with the studies.

Click here to see a sample of one of the studies

Click here to see our letter to the PSC Commissioners to ask them
to issue an emergency rule to suspend PSC 128 (the current wind siting rules)

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