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Ducking responsibility

Re: Your July 5 editorial, “Jilting windmills.” I agree with most of your conclusions. Municipalities are probably the least capable of establishing proper setbacks for turbines. Their research abilities are limited, as is their access to and evaluation of wind science.

What I don’t understand is the province ducking the responsibility to protect its citizens. The wind industry here in Amherst has been less than direct in discussing the effects of a 30-plus turbine wind farm, each taller than a 30-storey building, which will be sited as close as 600 metres from town boundaries on open marsh. Cumberland County’s setback was determined without regard for the effects on 9,700 Amherst people.

We in Amherst support wind power. This issue is about safe setbacks and could be resolved quickly with provincial action. Most independent experts are recommending minimum setbacks of 1,500 metres. We could live with that. We are only worried about wind turbine proposals that would be sited less than 1,500 metres from the town.

County Warden Keith Hunter did not consult with the town on this issue as any good neighbour should. Let’s do wind right. Once this wind farm is built, it is too late; it is here for 20 years.

Ed Childs, Amherst