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“Refinements” for Golspie wind farm plan

The design for the proposed Golspie wind farm is undergoing refinements in response to the Draft Wind Energy guidelines for New South Wales.

Mr. Daniel McDonald, Development Manager for Wind Prospect CWP., in response to questions from the Gazette, said that the guidelines, coupled with the technical requirements received from the Department of Planning had led to the possible changes.

The Gazette inquiries sprang from information that at least one landholder has already been advised that a turbine initially intended for his property would no longer be part of the design, apparently because of the “set-back” requirement from non-host residences.

Mr. McDonald continued: “A wind farm’s project design is dependent on a number of technical factors as well as due consideration of responses from local residents and other interested parties which we have been seeing since the project application was submitted.”

He added that it was hoped to have an assessment design sufficiently ready to discuss with the community in the coming month or so.

“It will be at this stage that we will be more actively seeking specific feedback from stakeholders on the project design,” Mr. McDonald said.

“Farmers involved in the project have been actively supporting it for years, and there are many other local businesses looking forward to the economic benefits the project would bring to the area.

“Of course there will also be those who oppose the project or have concerns about any change to the area as a result of this new development.

“The most important things are that we keep people informed as we progress and ensure that there is an avenue for meaningful engagement so that the merits and impacts can be discussed and better understood.

“We are looking forward to promoting the wind farm further as we develop and seek approval for the site over the next 12 to 18 months.”

Mr. McDonald said Wind Prospect would hold open days, place information on the project’s dedicated wind page (www.golspiewindfarm.com.au) and provide press releases.

The Goslpie wind farm could comprise upwards of 100 turbines, each up to 100 metres high.

It is calculated to serve around 15,500 homes, calculated on 40 per cent of total capacity.