June 28, 2012

Turbines to be built

Kincardineshire Observer | www.kincardineshireobserver.co.uk 27 June 2012

At the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meeting on Tuesday full planning permission was granted for a further nine wind turbines at Tullo Farm.

Two separate applications were presented and discussed after they were deferred for a site visit at the last area committee meeting. The site visit took place on Tuesday 19 June and after viewing the site, full planning permission was given to the two applicants.

Although there were two separate applications for planning permission, they have been considered together continuously since the beginning. One application is for the erection of five wind turbines at land north of Tullo Farm, whilst the other is for the erection of four turbines at Tullo Farm.

All nine wind turbines will be 100m to the tip and each will come with associated infrastructure such as a control building, underground cables and the formation of an access tracks at the Laurencekirk farm.

The nine new turbines will join the seven that are currently there, alongside one single turbine that was also given planning permission alongside the current seven in 2005 but has not yet been put up. When all turbines are in place, there will be 17 turbines, which is the maximum capacity for turbines at the Hill of Garvock meaning no other proposals for a further extension of Tullo Wind Farm will be considered.

Concerns were previously raised about the flicker and noise caused by the turbines that are already in place, let alone a further nine to which surrounding community councils lodged objections to the plans to build a further nine turbines. One resident described living with the continuous flicker of turbines in his nearby home as “almost unbearable”. Another resident said the noise of one turbine is acceptable, but compared it with one car sitting with its engine running outside your home constantly compared to the noise that 17 cars with their engines running would make.

There was silence from the area committee when asked if there were any objections, and silence when asked if anyone proposed the application, with the Committee Chair, Councillor Nelson finally proposing it himself. He was seconded by Councillor Bellarby to which the councillors agreed to grant planning permission for the extension of Tullo wind Farm.

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