June 27, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Wind technology is flawed, and not ‘forward thinking’

www.capecodonline.com 27 June 2012

In reply to the May 29 letter headlined “Embrace the future, support wind turbines,” I am surprised a member of the Dennis Economic Development Committee has such a shallow view of the depth of the Aquaculture Research Corp. turbine issue after reading the May 22 My View column. She also chose to paint opponents of the wind turbine as people who don’t understand or embrace forward-thinking ideas.

With little space here to write in, I choose to lay aside all the other issues that make the ARC turbine a flawed idea and concentrate on wind technology. Wind technology is highly inefficient compared to other “forward-thinking” technologies. It requires chemicals in its underlying structure and operation that are toxic to the environment. Turbines are harmful to wildlife, and ongoing studies show chronic conditions in humans due to the turbines. Turbines pose a unique problem in intense wind storms; turbine fires could be uncontrollable.

Why are investors pulling out of wind? Why is Europe backing down on turbine development? Why is solar more popular? Why the concerns in Falmouth, Bourne and Fairhaven?

No one is running away from forward-thinking technology. We are urging people to “embrace” a better solution.

Raymond Morandi


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