June 27, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Just look at Scituate

www.bostonherald.com 27 June 2012

Cape Wind is a destructive idea that will drastically alter the quality of life for anyone living within sight of those droning, annoying, useless turbines (June 21). Set aside the cost increase in energy, the unreliability of wind and the false claims of saving C02 emissions and just imagine the skyline forever disfigured with whirring industrial turbines.

If you can’t imagine that drive down to Scituate or Kingston and see how intrusive and distracting those behemoths have become. The gentle, pristine Scituate seashore has been forever scarred by a useless whirling dervish. If the proliferation of these eyesores continues we will all soon be living in an industrial East Berlin-style nightmare.

— Donald J. Ivas, Scituate

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2012/06/27/just-look-at-scituate/