June 20, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

City should preserve sanctity of Winter Island

The Salem News | www.salemnews.com 20 June 2012

Winter Island is a refuge though not formally named.

I was so surprised and pleased when I first found it. Imagine being able to vacation in the city!

On a recent Saturday morning, despite RVs, tent campers, boats being hauled and a few families on the beach, the only apparent noise was that of birds. It retains a lovely feeling of being someplace far away.

The views from the beach equal that of Maine, offering the only public open view of ocean within Salem.The variety of pleasures include swimming, sailing, camping and just relaxing on benches watching the world go by. The city has done a wonderful job of maintaining this beautiful little spot for those of all ages and interests to enjoy.

Though with good intentions of becoming more “green,” the effect of a turbine in this location would really create a negative impact on this environment and our ability to enjoy it. It’s basically an industrial use in a public recreation area. We would in effect be selling our public space for profit, whether operated by a private company or the city. The potential savings to the city wouldn’t reflect the damage it will do to the environment and well-being of neighbors and visitors.

The town of South Dartmouth recently rescinded a law that allowed turbines in residential areas. They are now limited to industrial zones. Other towns with turbines have also experienced problems.

I am strongly in favor of keeping Winter Island as our precious resource and hoping that a more suitable location may be found for a turbine, in an industrial area, once it’s been proven to be a benefit to the citizens.

Julie Burns


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