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Wind’s required sacrifices are for nothing in return

In response to Brent Harold’s June 12 op-ed on wind turbines, the sacrifices we are asked to make are for nothing in return.

Recent engineering studies show that carbon dioxide avoidance is marginal to nonexistent when wind turbines are connected to the power grid. The response we get from the wind industrialists is the “smart grid,” a pie-in-the-sky concept untested in the real world, so smart it can convert intermittent wind energy into power for your home.

The only thing that can provide the necessary flexible generation capacity for the volatile energy that comes from wind turbines is utility-grade energy storage (giant battery). Wind proponents would have us believe it’s just around the corner, another “pie-in-the-sky” solution.

Batteries were the first source of electricity more than 100 years ago. Since then, scientists have succeeded in making them small and powerful, but still cannot come up with one big enough to store wind energy to produce power when we need it.

Please call our representatives on Beacon Hill and ask them to stop the useless proliferation of expensive wind turbines that demand huge sacrifices for nothing in return!

Christos B. Kapsambelis