June 16, 2012
Letters, Massachusetts

Whom shall we sacrifice for this greater good?

www.capecodonline.com 16 June 2012

Regarding Brent Harold’s June 12 column, sacrifice (perhaps in war) might make sense, if it’s shared and the justice of the cause is worth it.

But could Mr. Harold please demonstrate more carefully the link between global warming and industrial wind turbines and the sacrifice by or of a minority of citizens? Perhaps he will do this in a future column.

I don’t know what country he’s talking about when he suggests that it’s inevitable that a minority sacrifice (even their health?) for a perceived greater good.

It certainly hasn’t been OK lately in the United States to sacrifice an ethnic, religious or gender minority for the greater good.

If that’s disingenuous (as suggested by Brent Harold), then count me in that naive, disingenuous camp.

Jim Rogers


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